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Zaymat has access to thousands of products and we currently service hundreds of customers in both the private and public sector throughout the United States. Zaymat is alliated with a select group of suppliers and manufacturers and these strategic alliances can add value to your brand and improve your bottom line. We can even take specialty product ideas from concept to reality by providing custom cutting and fabrication of a wide variety of items.

Industrial Supplies

​Zaymat has partnered with several manufacturers and suppliers, like MSC Industrial Supply to deliver a broad range of solutions, including, cutting tools, machine tools, MRO, welding & general safety supplies, plus various hoses and gaskets of all sizes.

Geotextiles and Erosion 

​Zaymat has partnered with Cherokee Manufacturing to deliver geotextiles, geogrid and erosion control materials.  Specializing in solutions for slope reinforcement, base reinforcement, drainage and separation applications, custom silt fencing, straw blankets/wattles and silt sock.

Concrete Restoration 

​Zaymat has partnered with Chas E. Phipps ( to distribute high quality concrete repair materials, sealants, coatings,     etc.  With access to the largest U.S. distributors for Sika, BASF, Tremco, Euclid Chemical, Ardex and other manufacturers of concrete accessories   and sealants.

Capabilites Statement

Other Products

Fall Protection

Signage and Reflective Tape

Traffic Cones and Barricades

Head, Hand, Foot, and Eye Protection

Industrial Hose & Fittings

Custom Gaskets

Anchor Bolts & Fasteners

Lumber & Related Supplies

Companies We’ve Worked With:

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